Do we have AC in eeco care ambulance?

Pros: Price, Tall Seating position, Cabin, Cons: No Power steering, Lack of rear AC vents.

Does eeco cargo have AC?

About Eeco Cargo CNG AC

Eeco Cargo CNG AC returns a mileage of about 16.20 Km/l . Eeco Cargo CNG AC has a 1196 CC which produces a 72 bhp@6000 rpm power and 101 Nm@3000 rpm. Eeco Cargo CNG AC is available in 5 different colors: Red, Blue, Silver, Gray and White.

Does eeco 7 seater have AC?

Maruti Suzuki Eeco comes in five seater and seven seater variants. AC is featured in fiver seater variant only. It is possible to put AC in seven seater version also.

What is eeco ambulance?

Eeco Ambulance is a 5 seater Petrol with Manual Transmission. Maruti Suzuki Eeco price in New Delhi is ₹ 6,38,000 (Ex-Showroom). Eeco Ambulance returns a mileage of about 16.20 Km/l . Eeco Ambulance has a 1196 CC which produces a 72 bhp@6000 rpm power and 101 Nm@3000 rpm.

Is eeco safe?

The Maruti Eeco comes with an array of safety features, which ensures the safety of the occupants in accidents. Maruti Eeco gets the headlamps leveling, side impact beams, child locks in order to make the ride a secure one. … These safety features prove Eeco a safe car.

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What is the payload of eeco cargo?

1 Answers: The 7 seater Eeco has a gross weight of 1540kg and kerb weight of 923kg. So if you subtract that, that is the amount of weight that the Eeco can carry i.e. 617kg. Each passenger weighing about 88kgs, you can carry 7 passengers.

What is the price of eeco cargo?

On-road prices for Maruti Suzuki Eeco Cargo

MODEL / VARIANT Ex-Showroom Price
VRRPBHF00 EECO 5 STR STD 1.2L 5MT 408800
VRRPBAF00 EECO 5 STR AC 1.2L 5MT 449500
VRRPBHS00 EECO 7 STR STD 1.2L 5MT 437800
VRRCBAF00 Eeco 5 STR AC with CNG 1.2L 5MT 529500

Is Eeco 5 seater or 7 seater?

Specifications and Finance

Doors (Doors)(Know More)
5 5
Seating Capacity (Person)(Know More)
5 7
No of Seating Rows (Rows)(Know More)

What is the mileage of eeco 7 seater?

The mileage of this 7-seater Maruti Suzuki Eeco petrol is 16.11 km/l*.

Maruti Suzuki Eeco Mileage.

Fuel Type Transmission ARAI Mileage
CNG Manual 20.88 km/kg*

How much does an ambulance cost?

Questions & Answers on Ambulance

Fuel Type Min Price Max Price
Diesel Rs 750000/Piece Rs 1800000/Piece
Petrol Rs 405000/Piece Rs 1800000/Piece

Which car is best for ambulance?

10 Indian Vehicles Best Suited as an Ambulance (Emergency…

  • Tata Winger. …
  • Mahindra Bolero. …
  • Force Trax. …
  • Force Traveller. Force Traveller Ambulance. …
  • Mahindra Supro. Mahindra Supro Ambulance. …
  • MG Hector. MG Hector Ambulance | Source. …
  • Toyota Innova. Toyota Innova Crysta Ambulance | Source. …
  • Bike Ambulance. Bike Ambulance.

Which car is suitable for ambulance?

Popular ambulance manufacturers include Force Motors, Tata Motors, Maruti Suzuki, SML Isuzu and Eicher trucks and buses.

Ambulance Price List 2021.

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Tata Winger Ambulance AC 3200 16.75 Lakh* Onwards
Tata Winger Ambulance AC 3488 15.4-25.7 Lakh*

Is eeco good for long drive?

1 Answers: In my opinion you can use your Maruti Suzuki Eeco for long drive but it should not be longer than 300-400 kms. This van doesn’t come with power steering, so your forearm will be in pain soon. Its seats offer adequate support for the in-city commutes but not for long distance journey.

Is eeco suitable for long drive?

It’s a good experience of driving the Eeco on highways. … The driver seat and co driver seat are well cushioned and offer best of comfort for long drives.

Does eeco come with power steering?

No, Maruti Eeco does not come with the power steering option.