How do I turn off emergency calls on my Huawei?

How do I turn off emergency call on my Huawei?

Huawei How to enable or disable emergency SOS

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Tap on Security.
  3. Tap on Emergency SOS.
  4. Activate or deactivate Also send SOS message.
  5. Tap on Emergency contacts.
  6. Tap on Add emergency contacts.
  7. Choose a contact.

Why is my Huawei phone showing emergency calls only?

This issue occurs due to the improper display on the mobile phone. Solution: Restart your mobile phone. Insert the SIM card again or replace the SIM card slot and try again.

How do I turn off emergency calls only?

For that:

  1. Unlock your device and drag down the notifications panel.
  2. Click on the “Settings” icon and select the “Call” option. …
  3. From the calling settings, click on the “Additional Settings” or “More” option.
  4. In this setting, click on the Fixed Dialing Numbers option and then select the “Disable FDN” option.

Why is my phone displaying emergency calls only?

If your SIM Card is not inserted or is not seated properly, it may cause your phone to only allow calls to 911. Ensure your SIM Card is securely inserted into the slot. It may not hurt to remove it and re-seat it.

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What is Huawei emergency SOS?

Use Emergency SOS

Once you have enabled the Emergency SOS feature, if you encounter an emergency, press the Power button five times in quick succession and your phone will automatically send a message with your current location to your emergency contacts.

How do I turn off emergency call only on my Android?

To turn off Emergency Mode, try these things: Press and hold the END button (or the button you use to end a call) for 3 seconds. Turn your phone off and then on again. Reset your phone (see Troubleshooting your wireless phone)

What does emergency calls only mean?

Should the screen on your phone display the message “Emergency Calls Only” it basically means no normal call can be initiated other than 911 calls.

Why is my phone saying emergency calls only o2?

Battery issue could most likely be a damaged charged port. Signal issue could be further phone damage, a network issue or a sim or phone fault. Try your sim in another phone to eliminate the sim card.

How do I disable emergency call on power button?


  1. Open your Android’s Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap Lock Screen and Security or Lock Screen. If you don’t see this option, try tapping Security first.
  3. Tap Screen lock or Screen Lock Type.
  4. Confirm your current security PIN, password, or bio-method.
  5. Select None. …
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the change.

How do I fix SOS only on my Huawei?

If the issue persists, back up your data and take your device and proof of purchase to an authorized Huawei Customer Service Center for assistance.


  1. Restart your mobile phone.
  2. Insert the SIM card again or replace the SIM card slot and try again.
  3. Back up your data and restore your device to its factory settings.
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