Question: Is Owen the father 911?

Who is the father of Gwens baby 911?

She checks the results and learns that the baby is Enzo’s. Owen tells her that he meant what he just said but Gwyn tells him that she thinks they need time and space to process. Owen tells her that she doesn’t and Gwyn tells him that she does.

Is Owen strand the arsonist?

He was badly injured and they didn’t know whether or not he would pull through the surgery but he did and Gabriel tells him that when he wakes up, he will identify Owen as the arsonist.

Who is pregnant on 911 Lonestar?

I was very excited, and I’m still really excited. TVLINE | I don’t know if you know this, but in the 9-1-1 episode that airs before this one, their dispatcher — Maddie, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt — gives birth to her baby.

How did Captain Vega husband died?

The episode saw Captain Vega return home to discover her husband unresponsive with blood coming out of one of his eyes. It’s soon revealed that he had an aneurysm that they were unable to detect and he passed away as a result.

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Is Owen strand the father?

The baby is still on the way, but the couple now knows Owen is not the father. The drama started when Gwyn started to have questions about the pregnancy timeline, knowing that the baby is 18 weeks along.

Does Judd tell Grace about her dad?

At the hospital, he tells Benjamin that he knows about the affair but that he hasn’t say anything to Grace because that’s not something you should tell to someone you care about on the phone. When Judd and Grace have dinner with Tommy and Charles, Judd reveals to them what happened with Grace’s father.

Does Owen Strand pass the test?

Not only does he get to save Billy’s life and extend the hand of friendship, but he also gets to pass his endurance test by saving Billy’s life.

Who is the arsonist on 911?

See, as it turns out, Raymond is the arsonist, and Strand, Billy, and Gabriel have been working together to set him up. They’ve also kept everyone in the dark, which means that T.K. and Carlos are going to be furious, as is Judd, who confronted Billy and socked him in the mouth for his betrayal.

What does TK stand for in 911 Lone Star?

Ronen Rubinstein as Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand, a firefighter with the 126. In season 2, he quit being a firefighter and became a paramedic. He’s Captain Owen’s son.

What happened to Owens wife on 911 Lone Star?

Not only did Owen’s attempt to make a relationship work with his ex-wife Gwyneth (Lisa Edelstein) fail (and her baby turned out not to be his), but he also has his cancer surgery coming up.

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Is Grace pregnant on manifest?

Grace Stone became pregnant during ‘Manifest’

That was primarily because she was seeing another man just before her husband returned on Flight 828. … Ben and Grace Stone decided to get a test to ensure the biological father. However, when Grace started experiencing callings, the answer regarding paternity became clear.

What is baby’s name on 911?

Yes, Chimney was happy to hear the name. In fact, he was moved and grateful. This is what love is. And so we have baby Jee-Yun Han.

Is Captain Vega husband dead?

Fans were left scrambling for answers, and, sadly, 9-1-1: Lone Star gave them one that they didn’t want to hear. Charles had an aneurysm that was too difficult to detect. Tommy was left to stoically handle the news that her husband had died.

Where is Derek Webster?

Webster, who was cast in Lee Daniels’ Fox drama “Our Kind of People” at the time, has since moved onto other projects. He currently stars as Stevie, a police officer, on the Paramount+ drama “Mayor of Kingstown,” which also stars Jeremy Renner and Kyle Chandler (per Deadline).