Quick Answer: Are paramedics band 6?

1. I am a paramedic – will I automatically be put into band 6? No, not automatically. A partnership panel of trained job matchers will compare your job against the new paramedic profile in a process called job matching.

What bands are paramedics?

As a paramedic, you’ll be paid on the Agenda for Change (AFC) pay system, typically starting at band 5 and progressing to band 6 after two years.

What do band 6 paramedics earn?

Salaries are covered by the NHS Agenda for Change pay scales. Paramedic salaries start at Band 5, which ranges from £24,907 to £30,615. You’ll move up to Band 6 (£31,365 and £37,890) after two years following a newly qualified paramedic pathway.

What band is a nurse paramedic?

Nurses suffer a pay freeze for more than 10 years, the government make it mandatory for them to complete a level 6 honours degree and yet they’re kept as a band 5 whilst paramedics are made a 6!!!

What grade are paramedics?

The qualifications needed to be a paramedic are either a diploma, foundation degree or degree in paramedic science or paramedic practice. To apply for the course you’ll need a full driving license; three A-levels, including a science; and five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English language, maths and science.

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When did paramedics band 6?

If as a result of this process you are matched against the new band 6 paramedic profile, you will move into band 6 effective from 31 December 2016, in line with the nationally agreed rules for assimilation – see answer 9 below.

How much does band 6 earn?

(£34,171 per annum) The annual salary for a Band 6 on the 2nd paypoint is £34,171. This is £2,847.61 every month before deductions. A person on this NHS pay point will pay £246.07 a month of National Insurance, £264.83 a month of pension and £307.06 a month Tax.

Are paramedics band 5 or 6?

The Department of Health, NHS Employers and ambulance unions have agreed paramedics will be re-banded nationally from band 5 to band 6.

What is a band 7 nurse?

Band 7 nursing roles include Ward Managers, Emergency Nurse Practitioners and clinical specialists. Band 7 roles start at £40,057 and rise to £45,839 for anyone with more than 5 years of experience. … Experience is vital too, as Band 7 roles tend to come with a great deal of responsibility.

What is a band 9 nurse?

Band 9 nursing posts are for the most senior members of NHS management who help shape high level decision making. Nurses at this level are experts within their field that help to educate others.

How much does a band 6 earn in the NHS?


Band 1 * £18,546
Band 5 £25,655 £27,780
Band 6 £32,306 £34,172
Band 7 £40,057 £42,121
Entry step point Top step point

What is a Band 3 nurse?

Band 3 – Emergency Care Assistant. Band 3 is a favorite of a lot of NHS workers because of the variety of work. As an emergency care assistant, for example, you will work with ambulance services responding to emergency calls. The care you have to provide can range from controlling bleeding to resuscitating patients.

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How much is a band 7 in the NHS?

Band 7 – 2nd paypoint

The annual salary for a Band 7 on the 2nd paypoint is £42,121. This is £3,510.07 every month before deductions. A person on this NHS pay point will pay £325.57 a month of National Insurance, £326.44 a month of pension and £427.23 a month Tax. This makes their net (take home) pay £2,430.84 a month.

Do paramedics get paid well UK?

The average paramedic salary is £27,312 within the UK. Newly qualified paramedics can expect to earn at least £21,000 starting in Band 5 under the NHS Agenda for Change pay scale. A paramedic salary rises for those who undertake extended skills training in critical care or trauma.

Are paramedics doctors?

A paramedic is a medical professional who specializes in emergency treatment. They are not doctors, nurses, or physician’s assistants. The word paramedic is a combination of two terms. “Para” means next to, and “medic” means doctor.

Is paramedic a good career UK?

One of the most important jobs in the UK today is that of a Paramedic. A Paramedic in today’s world is very important and is an essential and vital part, not just of the NHS, but also of the community in general.