What did Maddie tell chimney on 911?

What secret did Maddie tell Chimney?

The episode picked up where the last one left off, with Maddie explaining who Buck’s secret brother was. He learned that the reason there’s such a big age difference between him and his older sister is that he was born to save the life of his older brother (which clearly was unsuccessful).

What happened to Maddie and Chimney on 911?

Her relationship with Chimney developed slowly as she gradually grew to trust him. After giving birth to their daughter Jee-Yun at the end of season 4, Maddie began experiencing post-partum depression. This continued into season 5, resulting in her leaving her daughter at the firehouse with a video message for Chimney.

Who is the father of Maddie’s baby on 911?

Maddie and Chimney welcomed their baby but all is not as it seems. Fox drama 9 -1-1 returned on 19 April and fans finally saw Maddie Buckley and Howard Han welcome their baby girl.

Does Maddie date Chimney?

Howard “Chimney” Han

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They face multiple difficulties in their relationship, starting with Maddie’s ex-husband Doug stabbing Chimney and kidnapping Maddie on what was intended to be their first date. However, the couple makes it through their traumas and difficulties in tact. The couple now have a daughter together.

Is Buck from 911 adopted?

As it turns out, Evan Buckley, aka “Buck” wasn’t adopted, but rather his entire family hid the fact that he had an older brother who died. It was quite a revelation considering I was expecting something else entirely to happen, but it will certainly rattle things up for Buck who has been actively doing therapy.

What accident was Buck in on 911?

A roller coaster accident leaves Buck traumatized. Athena and Hen respond to a devil dog attack, which Athena later discovers is a home invasion. Abby makes an on-the-phone connection with Buck.

Why did Jennifer Love Hewitt leave 911?

What is for certain is that Hewitt is taking some time off from the show. Three weeks ago, the Ghost Whisperer actress posted on her Instagram that she had just given birth to her third child, Aidan James. As such, this exit allows the actor to take her maternity leave from the show.

Did Chim leave 911?

After all, Chimney opted to leave Los Angeles at the end of the episode. It wasn’t necessarily a farewell for good, but it represented him going off until he could find Maddie and bring her home. The last he saw, she took money out at an ATM in Oxnard.

Is Mattie on 911 really pregnant?

Interestingly, Hewitt’s pregnancy has come at a time when her 9-1-1 character, Maddie Buckley, is also expecting. The actress revealed that portraying a fake pregnancy and labour on screen was a challenge, but said that it got her feeling even more excited about her own impending arrival.

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What does Maddie and chimney name their baby?

Ultimately, they didn’t choose one in time. At the last minute, Maddie chooses to name her Jee-Yun, after Chimney’s mother. Hewitt personally loved watching Maddie and Chimney agonize over the choice and seeing what Maddie came up with in the end was truly “perfect.”

What happened to chimneys brother?

At the end of the Season 4 finale, Chimney’s half-brother Albert officially became a firefighter. While some time did pass between the finale and the Season 5 premiere, there was no mention of Albert in the episode. … That said, it seems fans won’t be without Albert for too long in Season 5.

What is the age difference between Buck and Abby?

Although their relationship starts off with regular phone calls, it progresses into face-to-face interactions once Buck helps Abby look for her mother, Patricia Clark who suffers from Alzheimer’s. They eventually become a couple after going on a date on Valentine’s day; even though they are 16 years apart in age.

Why do they call Howie chimney?

In S03E11, Albert (Chimney’s Half-Brother) asks “So how did he get the nickname Chimney?” to Hen. … As Buck prepares to lower Chim down the chimney, Chim tells Buck that “in the future if anybody asks, this is how [he] got [his] name”, implying the original source of the nickname was not a similar rescue.