Why did Athena and her husband divorce on 911?

Michael and Athena were married for fourteen years before Michael came out to Athena as gay. … The couple went to therapy and attempted to maintain their marriage for the sake of their children, but Athena eventually realized that they would have to divorce or she would become too resentful and hateful towards him.

What secret is Bobby keeping from Athena?

Also, Eddie and Christopher receive a visit from Carla (guest star Cocoa Brown), Athena uncovers a secret Bobby has been hiding that puts their marriage on the rocks and Maddie struggles with adjusting to motherhood.

What is the relationship between Bobby and Athena on 911?

Athena’s definitely strong and is her own person and independent, but as the relationship has grown, Bobby has wanted more intimacy and more connection, and that intimacy and that connection have helped Bobby live his life more fully and not be emotionally shut down.

Why do Bobby and Athena break up?

“Bobby has grown a lot during his relationship with Athena. He’s becoming more vulnerable and desiring more intimacy, so when Athena doesn’t include him in some of these big life decisions that she’s making, he feels a little left out.

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Does Bobby and Athena stay together?

Athena was married to Michael Grant and has two children, May and Harry. She is now married to Bobby Nash.

What happened to Bobby’s wife on 911?

Before arriving at Los Angeles, Bobby lived in Minnesota where his wife and two kids died in a fire. Oliver Stark as Evan “Buck” Buckley, firefighter and Maddie’s younger brother. Buck was a womanizer at first, but after meeting Abby he started looking for serious relationships.

Was Athena married to Poseidon?

Athena became the patron goddess of the city of Athens after a competition with Poseidon, and he remained on the Acropolis in the form of his surrogate, Erechtheus.

Parents Cronus and Rhea
Siblings Hades, Demeter, Hestia, Hera, Zeus, Chiron
Consort Amphitrite, Aphrodite, Demeter, various others

How did Athena break her arm on 911?

In Season 3’s penultimate episode, titled “Powerless,” the LAPD patrol sergeant tracked the serial rapist she’d been investigating to a storage unit where he was living. But as she radioed for backup, the psychopath hit her from behind.

Who is Athena’s husband?

Hephaestus – the divine husband of Athena.

Do hen and Karen stay together?

Personal Life. Hen is currently married to Karen Wilson.

Who is Athena’s mom on 911?

Beatrice Carter is the wife of Samuel Carter, the mother of Athena Grant, the mother-in-law of Michael Grant (formerly) and Bobby Nash, and the grandmother of May Grant and Harry Grant.

Do chimney and Maddie get together?

They face multiple difficulties in their relationship, starting with Maddie’s ex-husband Doug stabbing Chimney and kidnapping Maddie on what was intended to be their first date. However, the couple makes it through their traumas and difficulties in tact. The couple now have a daughter together.

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Does Buck and Eddie date?

While Buck and Eddie do currently have romantic entanglements with women in their lives these relationships don’t come off as solid or meaningful. For one, Carla has called Eddie out for possibly only being with Ana because his son likes her. … Secondly, Buck’s current relationship doesn’t make any sense.

Do Bobby and Athena find the treasure?

But in their moment of giving up, Athena figures out the final clue and realizes where the treasure is actually hidden. When she and Bobby arrive at the location, they find Chimney, Hen, Eddie, and Buck there as well. … It turned out someone else had beat them to the treasure, aka the probie Ravi (Anirudh Pisharody).